Marc Lipps Associates, Inc. is an independent educational consulting firm specializing in college and career planning for high school students.

Our mission is to help our clients discover and under-stand their aptitudes (natural talents) and personal interests as a basis for developing a college game plan that targets relevant career options along with appro-priate academic concentrations to be pursued in college.

Basing our college search criteria on this personalized game plan, we strive to bring focus to our students’ college plans BEFORE they undertake the application process.

Because of this specific agenda, our practice is restricted to HIGH SCHOOL SOPHOMORES AND JUNIORS and their families.

With extensive experience in the management of the arts, in international trade, in technical education, as well as in college admissions interviewing, our staff is uniquely qualified to advise our young clients about their future.

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Please call us at (401) 305-6705